Entitlements under the Victorian Catholic Schools Multi Employer Agreement (2013)

The Victorian Catholic Schools Multi Employer Agreement (2013) has outlined a number of entitlements that are available to employees of Catholic schools in the state of Victoria. These entitlements cover a wide range of areas, including pay rates, leave entitlements, superannuation, and professional development opportunities.

One of the most important entitlements under the agreement is the pay rates that are set out for different types of staff. These rates are based on a range of factors, including the type of role that the employee is in, their level of experience and qualifications, and the grade of the school that they work in.

In addition to these pay rates, the agreement also sets out a range of leave entitlements that are available to staff. This includes annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave, which are all calculated based on the hours that the staff member has worked.

Superannuation is another important area that is covered by the agreement, with all staff members entitled to a minimum contribution from their employer. This is designed to help staff build up their retirement savings over time, and can be an important factor in attracting and retaining high-quality staff.

Finally, the agreement also includes a range of professional development opportunities that are designed to help staff members develop their skills and knowledge. This can include training courses, conferences, and other events, and is an important way of ensuring that staff members stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in education.

Overall, the Victorian Catholic Schools Multi Employer Agreement (2013) provides a comprehensive set of entitlements that are designed to support and empower staff members working in Catholic schools in Victoria. Whether you are a teacher, support staff member, or administrator, these entitlements can help you to build a rewarding and fulfilling career in education.