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Our Lessons

We are all born with an abundance 

Our Potential

We learn that money is needed to buy physical necessities of life; however, it cannot buy everything for us. We receive money from various sources: work, allowance, investments, and gifts.


We also calculate how much we need to save to achieve our goal. It is so cool that our house of finance is going to pay us interest for the money we put into our Save box.


The best way to make sure we use moderation in all aspects of life is to create a budget where we do the allocation first and then track the actual time spent as we go along.

Smart Choices

As we grow older we can take on more responsibilities in the form of chores. We created a schedule of chores that we are responsible for so that we can keep track of them.

Borrowing for Advancement

When we demonstrate a strong capability to be accountable for our responsibilities, others can trust us to carry out duties with excellence and least amount of supervision.

Needs vs. Wants

Our financial lives are like a tree; the things that we must have to live form the tree’s trunk. Other things that we are thankful for, but we can live without, are the branches and fruits of the tree.

We'll help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.